North Carolina's Confederate Hospitals during the 

1865 Carolinas Campaign

"Final Roll Call"

Confederate Losses During the 1865 Carolinas Campaign

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In my study of the March 1865 Battle of Wise’s Forks, I attempted to document as best as possible the personnel losses sustained by Confederate units.  I did this to “fill in” the information gaps between various primary sources, with the intent to gain a better perspective of the battle. 


As any researcher of the 1865 Carolinas Campaign will attest, this is much easier said than done, considering the lack of detailed Confederate information at times.  By utilizing 1865 period newspapers, such as Raleigh’s The North Carolina Standard I created a starting point for individual casualties.  Typically the newspaper lists' consisted of consolidated information on casualties from several of the March 1865 battles in North Carolina, such as Bentonville, Averasboro and Wise’s Forks. 


To gain further information into a soldier’s loss I reviewed additional sources such as individual service and pension records, regimental histories, personal journals and letters.  Although my research focused primarily on Confederate losses at Wise’s Forks, I had to document the losses from other battles to eliminate possible confusion between the engagements.  My research quickly took on a campaign perspective verses my intended documentation of Wise’s Forks.


It is my intent that this study will aid future research on the Carolinas Campaign or assist individuals who are trying to gain further history on a particular family member’s military service.  Final Roll Call is my way of remembering these Confederate Soldiers and their sacrifice in the face of Sherman’s veteran army. I don’t believe one can honestly say that there will ever be final closure on the overall Confederate losses during the campaign.  Only the good Lord knows the exact fate of the men who never returned home after the war.  I took on this task with an open mind and clear objective to capture as much of the casualty information as possible.  In advance of releasing this study to the open public, I provide updated draft working copies to the visitor’s centers at the Bentonville and Averasboro Battlefields on a periodic basis for use with visitors. 


My research and work on Final Roll Call is constantly being updated, and I would appreciate any information you have related to a Confederate Soldier wounded, killed or captured during the Carolinas Campaign.  Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page.  I am grateful to exchange information with you.